The Absolute Truth about "Old DDR"  dogs!

The DDR breeding program post war, was a "Selective Breeding" endeavor to produce and maintain a specific type of working dog.These dogs had a job to do that required certain traits. Unfortunately that job no longer exist, thus the need to breed for certain specific traits is no longer a priority. So why do DDR bloodline breeders continue to breed? The truth is that a "capital market" is the reason 99% of breeders breed dogs, specifically German Shepherds more specifically DDR German Shepherds.

Yes we may love the breed but I have yet to meet the breeder who keeps everything they produce, whether it is dogs, horses or rhinoceroses.

Regardless of what some breeders may say, every breeder has to find homes for the offspring that they do not choose to keep. They have 2 primary choices for these dogs, 1. Give them away or 2. Sell them. There are a couple others we won't discuss. Because of this, breeding goals have changed dramatically and certain traits are no longer desirable as priorities in the offspring.

Since the original JOB of the DDR dog no longer exist, the original reason for a DDR breeding program also no longer exist.

However a new DDR "Selective Breeding" practice still continues today using DDR bloodline "stock" from the progeny of the original gene pool. Why? It is a nostalgic love of what was, a look or type and let's not forget the capital market. It's remarkable that there is even anyone called a "DDR German Shepherd" breeder.

Many may pick up the "Preservation" mantra and use that for motivation or inspiration but the truth is, if there was no capital market, there would be very few breeders of any species period. If there was no market for beef, what do you think would happen to the cattle producing industry? If suddenly orange juice was discovered to cause cancer, what would happen to the citrus growing industry? When there is no longer a demand for DDR dogs, what will happen to the DDR dog "industry"?

So breeders must continue to find purpose to market and sell DDR dogs while at the same time educating the next generation as to why they should want to own one of these dogs over a WGL, Czech or American line. Personal Protection and Security are the trending marketing words being thrown about today as more and more the NEED to own such a dog is evident these days. I remember never having to lock my doors and not worrying about the rifle hanging in the back glass of my truck at high school. Those days are gone, and the need for a "good dog" of any make has become more necessary in response to the troubling time in which we live.

Having said all that, I own two daughters of the infamous Henk JH, He was indeed a "hard" dog and did send his handler/owner to the hospital with serious injuries. I also have a very (so called just today) "hard" dog which is line bred on the also infamous Sven/Sindy mating 4,5 - 3,5. He has walked up the leash on two handlers who weren't exactly honest and there was blood results. I believe that these particular "hard" traits (some errantly call it IMHO) have become "recessive" traits in the DDR bloodline dogs. But I also believe that through "selective breeding" they can be made dominant again IF one wishes to do so. BUT these type of dogs are not typically suitable for the average home so the "old DDR" traits have been purposely bred out of them.

So those who respect and admire dogs with great nerves and sometimes raunchy "attitudes" are left to themselves. As long as they love, and provide good health care, why should anyone care? After all, they were just German Shepherd dogs when they are finally put in the ground. All things, including ourselves are just temporary.

There are over 3.5 Million REGISTERED German Shepherds in the US alone. 3.5M @$1000 (just to make the math easy) means it's a 3.5 Billion dollar German Shepherd industry. And we all know that the purchase is the smallest part! What does it matter, why someone loves the DDR German shepherd bloodlines and markets the fact that they love what is "left over" and still available today? If every dog in every line of the pedigree, goes back to a DDR registered dog, then they have true 100% DDR bloodline dogs. In the scheme of the German Shepherd census, it is a spot on the butt, of a flea on the dog, in relevant importance to the overall market of the German Shepherd breed. Just SMILE and walk on by!