What About Sven Vom Grafental?

V-Sven vom Grafental Sch3 (LGZS)

DOB: 3-3-96 ZW=87

Sire: Gotz v Grafental

Dam: Olita v Grafental

Medium-sized, medium-bodied, very good pigmentation, very good expression. Distinctive character, normal withers, firm back, the upper arm should be inclined. The hindquarters are still well angulated, correct front and step sequence, the dog shows good precedence and effective replenishment. Being sure, TSB pronounced; Outs.

Colour of eyes: yellowish.

Progeny: 243

X-rayed: 86

55(a1) 25(a2) 5(a3) 1(a4)

30 with V-rating 

19 with Sch1 titles

5 with Sch2 titles

35 with IPO or Sch3 titles

4 with FH

5 with FH2

Produced rich pigment, hardness and fight drive in his puppies.

SV registered breedings:

Sven-42 breedings w/243 progeny.

Pedigreedatabase lists:

Sven-769 in 2 generations, 2,307 in 3 generations.

If a pedigree has Sven in it 2 times in the 4th generation, then a total of 12.5% of the genes of the "pedigree dog" belong to Sven. That means 87.5% of the genes of the "pedigree dog" are something else and I think that should be enough to add plenty of diversity to the DDR line. If it is 4-5 line bred on Sven,then the % is only 9.37% of Sven genes Should we really discount a dog and refuse to breed it because of 12.5% of his genes. I think not. Must we remove ALL of Sven's genes from the DDR line of German Shepherds? He is part of a lot of pedigrees, Are they all really that bad examples of DDR dogs? Some of the greatest DDR dogs have produced some really bad progeny with all sorts of problems. Bodo was a HARD dog granted, but what so wrong with that. I have heard from some of his handlers, that he would come back up a leash if he felt he was corrected unfairly. I got a couple of dogs who will do that. I think one of the traits most appreciated among working DDR breeders was the hardness of the old DDR dogs. Personally, I have no interest in breeding DDR "couch potatoes" but to each their own. Sven was known to add some hardness to the mix, and yes and sometimes yellow eyes. With every generation we lose the genes of some great dogs IMHO.